Overcome. Elevate. Inspire. Heart Of A Man (HOAM) is a mental health movement that provides hope, courage, and resilience for men to help end the stigma around mental health. We provide a safe place to discuss, grow and support each other.


Heart of a Man provides a safe space for men to fully express themselves. We strive to spread mental health awareness and touch lives through discussion groups, workshops and public speaking. By providing tools and resources, we are able to share the stories and battles we face one day at a time, giving us strength in our darkest moments.


We believe all men can be confident, loving and strong. Men should be proud of their vulnerability, allowing themselves to cry without fear of being judged. We honour the mental health that unites us all and together we overcome, elevate, and inspire.


Unity is the core of Heart of a Man. We value faith, love and knowledge to strengthen our program and collective brotherhood. Supporting each other through hope and courage, we are building resilience.

Our Team

Donovan Mckenzie

Donovan, Founder

David Lederle

David, Mental Health Advocate

Natasha Williams

Natasha W, Psychologist

Genevieve Alao

Genevieve, Psychotherapist

Natasha Williams

Natasha H, Child & Youth Care Practitioner

Mike Stroh

Mike, Speaker